Please share your personal experiences with this Christmas advent in the comments section below. Thank you!

I've shared Making Christmas Count with hundreds of people and received enthusiastic responses. In addition to using and sharing the electronic files, many have bought the deck of cards for themselves, as gifts for others, to send to missionaries, and to share with people investigating The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or newly baptized members. This Christmas people will use the advent to focus on Christ during a busy holiday season, to connect more with family, and to bring purpose and meaning to what can sometimes be a difficult time of year.


  1. I've seen first hand some of the work and effort that has gone into the making of this Christmas Advent. I can assure you, Sarah did not wake up one day, write it all down and then wala it was finished. If you read the 'History' tab of this site you'll get a feel for the time taken to make it what it is today.
    I was excited to be able to share several decks of cards and guidebooks with friends as their gift from us and felt that this year I was giving in a meaningful and even needful way.
    Taking time everyday to read specific scriptures about Christ, his life and ministry truly reminds me of the humble and loving way he came into this world and lived his life. I look forward to sharing these each day with my husband as we make it a point to bring Christ back into the celebration of this heavenly season.

  2. See how one Stake Relief Society Presidency is focusing on Christ this season:

  3. Review written by a user and posted with permission:

    Thank you so much for all of your hard work in creating the countdown to Christmas. I am impressed you offered the advent cards free of charge as a downloadable file. As I believe my children will want to save this countdown to be added to their collection of Christmas family traditions, I have purchased the printed copies. Over the years, I have seen numerous Christmas countdowns whose purpose was to keep Christ the focus of the season. I have generated a few as well. Your work is absolutely, hands down, the best ever.

    Yes, the cards met my expectations,
    Lynda Whitlock

  4. is one of many resources available to strengthen families through FHE lessons, family traditions, and other helpful advice for strengthening families. They recently highlighted Making Christmas Count as a meaningful, Christ-centered Christmas tradition. We couldn't agree more. :)

  5. Hi Sarah,

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful work with us. I've been looking for advent calendar ideas and yours is the best.

    I am a convert to the church in Taiwan since 2000 when I was 19. Most people don't really celebrate Christmas in Taiwan, where Christians are still the minority. I've been trying to establish good traditions for our family so our children can learn to live the gospel while they are young.

    Instead of printing out your work, I translated them to Mandarin Chinese and make my own simple version of the cards so our kids could read them too.

    When few sisters of our ward saw the cards and show interests, I know I should ask for your permission before sharing the translation with them.

    Last night we had our first Christmas FHE with these cards, the kids love it! With these cards we'll have FHE every night through out December!

    I appreciate your time and effort. Thank you again for taking time to share your hard work with us.