Saturday, November 1, 2014

Advent card displays available!

Wondering how to display your Making Christmas Count advent cards? Two businesses in Saint George, UT and Las Vegas, NV created custom displays for the cards! One is a wooden display, the other a quilt. Each is a pattern or materials that you purchase and assemble yourself. Both are beautiful ways to display and use the cards throughout the Christmas season.

You purchase these materials directly from the businesses themselves, not through me. I do not receive compensation for these products.

Wood Creations -- in St. George and Las Vegas or
A wooden stable with grooved rows to hold the cards. You purchase the cut wood and decorating supplies from Wood Creations and then paint, decorate and assemble it yourself. The cards can be easily moved in and out of the grooved wooden rows. The undecorated display sells for $19.99 plus shipping (if applicable). You can order in their store or by phone, 435-319-6861.

The Clover Patch Quilt Shop -- in St. George
A quilt pattern for a Christmas tree quilt with bells sewn on the tree for hanging the cards. There is also a small pocket on one of the presents to store the cards. You purchase the pattern and materials from Clover Patch, then sew and assemble the quilt yourself. You will also need to attach ribbons to the cards in order to hang them on the finished quilt. The pattern sells for 8.99 plus shipping (if applicable), although it is on sale for 50% off through the end of November 2014. You can purchase the pattern and materials in their store or on their website.

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